Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Potty Training or Demanding!?

My 2 year old has been asking to go potty for the longest. She loves to try to do whatever her 3 year old brother can do!
 I finally brought the Turtle Potty out of the garage when we had another episode of her declaring that she needed to potty like a big girl . She sat down on Mr.Turtle and then got up after a minute. There was nothing in the potty. I told her that it was fine that she did not go this time but when she eventually goes she would be rewarded with a special treat! She immediately sat down again after  hearing the word treat & went #1!!

The Boy and I clapped & screamed for the Girl!

I then realized that I didn't have any special treats on hand a.k.a M &M's!

I had to pull out the big guns and bake cookies!!! The Girl & Boy were so excited and could hardly wait!

I then put the cookies outside on the deck to cool off & the kids stared the cookies down as they waited!

It was then time for the Girl to take her 1st bite of a cookie as a Tot who had her 1st success on the Potty!

The Boy then had to show the Girl how to eat a cookie as fully trained Pottier!!!

Mr. Wonderful and I are not rushing this Want- To- Be Potty Trainer, but we will have M&M's on hand for future successes!!!

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Jeannie said...

Your kids are adorable! Thanks for the comment and the follow. Following back, looking forward to reading more!
xxo.Brass Knuckles