Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday to my Dear Friend!!!

One of my closest, dearest, and greatest friends turned the big 30 Today. She currently resides in Texas, while I live in California.I really wish I could of been with her as she celebrated leaving her 20's last night at her big 30th Birthday Party.   I wanted to do something extra special to wish her a Happy 30th Birthday. This is what I came up with, wrapped, and took to the post office for delivery! I mailed this off in the middle of the week thinking that it would get to her before her birthday. Just checked the tracking number and it looks like it will not be delivered until the 14th. I am glad I took pictures. This way I can give it to her today through this blog.

1. My friend loves everything about music and movies! I knew that she would enjoy an I-tunes gift card!
2.  I contacted her husband to ask what he thought she would like and one of the things he said was a GAP gift-card!

3. My third gift was a personalized frame  and inside I stated "10 Reasons Why I Love you". Here are my reasons:

1. You can always cheer me up.
2. You and I have tons of inside jokes.

3. You are like a real Sister to me.

4. You are super nice (sometimes), smart, beautiful, great, awesome, and amazingly wonderful.

5. You can make me laugh until I cry or pee in my pants.... or both!

6. You and I can give each other one look and it's just like having a conversation.

7. You never judge me but always try to understand me.

8. You know everything about me.

9. You are Yolanda and you never try to be anyone else.

10. You love me and I most certainly love you too!

I can't believe I met Yolanda when she was 20 and I was 19.  Ten years have gone by quickly.  I guess time flies when you're enjoying each other.  Once again, Happy 30th Birthday Yolanda!

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Anonymous said...

This is too cute and so creative. You're a great friend Jonnique and Yolanda, Happy Birtday!!

Anonymous said...

oops that last comment was from Leah!

Jonnique said...

Thanks Leah!!!

Simply Tasheena said...

Very creative idea!

~Mrs. Delightful