Monday, December 5, 2011

Seeing Christmas through the Lil one's eyes!

All the holidays are so much richer now that I have children, especially my favorite one....Christmas! I was so excited when JJ's Great Aunt Kit stated that she got a special advent calendar for him.  Last night JJ paid Aunt Kit a visit in his Christmas pajamas to open the first 4 days. There wasa "surprise"for each 25 days until Christmas. He was anxious to open each "door" but they just opened the first 4. Fun times! So much to learn! You can almost see his brain growing!  Aunt Kit( a retired elementary teacher) was the teacher last night and  JJ was the student with all the fun and educational surprises that were behind the doors! Looking forward to seeing JJ open all the rest! We will definitely do this next year with JoJo too! I also can't wait until  this Christmas because we will read JJ and JoJo the birth of Christ for the 1st time. I love how we are creating traditions for our Lil Family!

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Simply Tasheena said...

Wonderful traditions :).

~Mrs. Delightful