Friday, October 21, 2011


Another InstaFriday!
Link up the silly, sweet little moments that make up your week from your phone camera!
JoJo and I attended my Cousin's Shower and I made her a Diaper Baby you can see tutorial here

The Girls beat the Guys in getting dressed for church. Wes is in charge of JJ and I am in charge of JoJo on Sunday Mornings.

I had my first sauerkraut sandwich while watching the Sunday Game.

We kicked JJ out of his playzone and gave it completely to JoJo. She loves rolling around  and I love that she is safely rolling around now . She is also getting really good with her motor skills, hands and feet. Very talented girl:)
Grandma D has been a great help in holding JoJo because the baby girl is going through some serious separation anxiety.
Wes and I were able to go on a date...with JoJo.

Wes had another long week with school and work. He was so  happy to get some good quality time with the kids and me.

Enjoyed a Pumpkin Iced latte and  Pumpkin Pie Fro-Yo this week! I love fall but we had some hot days this week.

JJ is still perfecting his tricycle skills and showing interest in cars, trucks, and tractors. The Boy still plays with his basketball 50% of the day!

JJ had a play-date this week with his friends Chase and Tamara. Not only are we working on colors, numbers and letters but were also working on sharing and not hitting.
My Mom came over to visit her Bell Grand-children!

JoJo and I worked out(walking) together while Wes and JJ went to the gym.

We moved Wes' study area into the garage. This is where he can get some peace and quiet.... next to the wash machine and dryer.

I cooked Ribs in the crock pot for the first time this week. Recipe from this blog
Love seeing Fall things around the house this week!

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Katherines Corner said...

What a fun post, I love that you can frozen yogurt fro-yo :-) I wish my phone wasn't a dinosaur( it doesn't take photos). Big Hugs and thank you for stopping by Katherines Corner I hope you'll visit again.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

You have beautiful babies! My hubby and I went on a date recently and took our youngest. We said she chaperoned ;)

Come visit me back please!
Happy InstaFriday,


TheUnSoccerMom said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! My daughter would rather play with a ball than a baby doll when she was little. She's a great soccer player now, maybe your little one will be a great basketball player one day! :o)

I love your fall decorations at the end of the post. It hasn't felt much like fall either. Thankfully it's been cooler the past couple of days (in south GA).

Pumpkin iced latte... gotta try that! Have a great weekend!

 The Morris Family said...

Precious children!! and grandma's are awesome!!! I am not one yet, but cant wait!! :)

I think everyone is doing Starbucks this week!! haa!!

Happy Friday