Sunday, October 23, 2011

My 2 Lil Pumpkins!

The Story of my 2 Lil Pumpkins

I am totally in Love with pumpkins this Fall! I saw these 2 Lil Pumpkins at Safeway and they reminded me of my real Pumpkins(my kids). One is tall and thin(for a pumpkin) compared to the other, which is short and plump.I ran to Joann fabrics and picked up some supplies(ribbon and decorated paper), printed out a picture of each kid, and found some crazy glue. I did not know exactly how this was going to turn out....

To begin the crazy glue was a big fail so I tried two-sided tape to put my kids names on the 2 Lil  Pumpkins. I also hole-punched their pictures and ran the ribbon through, so that the pictures could hang.

                          I thought this was cute, but my 2 Lil pumpkins still did not satisfy my eyes.

                I took the picture faces off the 2 Lil Pumpkins and decided to try just the names and ribbons.

                         I placed my 2 Lil pumpkins in the living room with a picture in between them.
                                          Then I placed the picture on the side of my 2 Lil Pumpkins.
 I then took the picture away . JJ (the real JJ) was trying to pull the 2 Lil pumpkins down from the entertainment center . I took this as a sign that they did not belong in the living room.                                              
 I was still not satisfied with the look and location of my 2 Lil Pumpkins. I changed their ribbon with some recycled ribbon . I also turned the pattern around on JJ's
        name, to make it look masculine.
 I then took my the 2 Lil pumpkins up stairs.  I placed them on our dresser next to our mini personalized calendar.
 Nope, I didn't like that. And then finally my eyes were satisfied. This was the final look and place for my  2 Lil Pumpkins.

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Simply Tasheena said...

The pumpkins are adorable!

~Mrs. Delightful

Unknown said...

Such a cute idea...and I love how you showed your thought process as you changed them around; I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that! Thanks for linking to One Artsy Mama!