Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin at the Patch!

JJ had his first experience at a Patch. It was so awesome to see his reaction to all the pumpkins.

When we first arrived he was very serious as he checked the scene out! He even tried to count all the pumpkins when we arrived. I told him that it was too many to count, but E for effort!

Then he came alive and started to put some pep in his step!

All of a sudden his  amusement with all pumpkins came to a complete pause. Why? JJ saw his first skeleton. We tried and succeeded in distracting him back to the real reason why we came to the patch.

Once again, the pumpkins got his attention and the scary ole skeleton was part of our past.

The animals did not do much for JJ.

Oh how I just love Pumpkins and this time of the year!!!

There were hundreds of pumpkins and they looked the same from afar. As you came closer to exam them you could see that they were not.  Just like God created the people in the world, uniquely different.

Could not leave the Patch without getting a picture of the Boy, the Girl, and my arm all together!

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