Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Six reasons why JoJo's 1st flight was successful!!!

This last Saturday JoJo had her lst flight ever! It went so well and I was able to give her an A+ for completing this milestone. It was especially easy because we only had to travel with 1 kid. Grandpa and Grandma took JJ on a road trip !!!! And two days later Wes, JoJo and I joined them in Portland for a Cousins Wedding. Here are my 6 reasons why our flight was such a success!
1. Attitude: I chose to have a great attitude no matter what would happen on the flight. Remembering that the flight would soon come to an end and my attitude would have an affect on painting this great memory!
2. Planning:I planned her schedule around the flight. I changed her diaper right
before the flight and I also made sure I would feed her right before the flight (or right as the flight was taking off). This way she would not be hungry,  or wet,(2 things which can lead to fussiness) and be all ready to nap.

 3.Boppy: I brought JoJo's Boppy. It was a total lifesaver. The Boppy gave rest for my arms, it helped me nurse comfortably, and it was a nice pillow for JoJo to lay her head on at nap time.
 4. Coffee!!!! My husband and I  had our morning fix to give us a boost for our early flight.( I love coffee but I am on a 2cup maximum a day while nursing....I will take it!)
5.A Great Partner: Having a great companion, helper, and entertainer for the flight made the flight more exciting and less stressful.

6.Binky: JoJo is not a lover of the pacifier. However, it gave her something to suck on to fight the overwhelming pressure that can sometimes effect our ears.

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Anonymous said...

You were totally prepared! Loved picture #5. I laughed out loud, as that is so not Wesley! AK