Saturday, March 24, 2012

Party Mode Part II: Birthday Banner

The second thing on my list for the party was a Birthday Banner. I wanted something full of the theme colors and full of my baby girl....



1 pack of red plates
1 pack of black plates
1 pack of ribbon(this and all the above from the dollar store)
2 sided tape
Hole puncher

12 months of pictures printed out in black and white from Costco

1. I hole punched 14 plates twice (on each side )evenly in the middle.

2. I connected each plate individually to another plate with the white ribbon and made a knot.

3. I curled each ribbon with the scissors.

4. I cut all the picture into an oval that would fit perfectly on the plates. I made sure there was picture of the Lil lady with her Daddy...

Her Mommy.....

And her Big Brother

5. I used the 2 sided tape to place the pictures on the plates, somewhat in chronological order.

6. I printed Happy Birthday signs out to place on each sides of the banner.

7. I tested out the finished project

I can't wait to see it with the rest of the decorations in 6 weeks, at my Lil Lady's party! Now onto the next project and I can't wait to share it with you next week!

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What an adorable idea...and so easy!

The Jack Chronicles said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I'm all "followed up" and am looking forward to reading more! You have a gorgeous family and I love this banner idea! I wish i would have made one for Jack's 1st birthday...

Gloria Baker said...

Im following you, love your blog! and what nice family you have !

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Alright- stop right now- this is A.DORABLE!!! I love how easy this is, and looks so fantastic! So happy to have found ya, loving your creativity! -Jen

Tasha said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!! I am now following you too! And I! LOVE! this birthday banner!!! What a great idea!!!

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Hi There! Following back. This is so beautiful. I love those photos. At first, I cringed at cutting up those adorable photos, but I think the end product was definitely worth it. How precious and Happy Birthday to your little one!

Danielle said...

Jonique, this is such a great tutorial! So creative, I love it. I saw you entered my giveaway and just wanted to let you know that you need to enter through the rafflecopter to be entered! Also I need an email address to e-mail your coupon! :)

cathy@my1929charmer said...

Such a cute idea - really adorable. How simple and looks so great. did you get copies of the photos before you cut up? Turned out so good - and happy birthday to your little one.

SV said...

So creative and it turned out so cute for your little one's first birthday. Thanks for stopping by. Happily following you too.


Miriam said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for following...following you back! <3

Jessie Gunderson said...

Your picture banner is adorable and it doesn't hurt to have some of the cutest models around! Love this idea. Great link. Thanks for sharing.
Jessie at

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

So cute, so simple! Thanks for the tutorial. I love the simplicity of this and yet it makes such a big statement! Happily following you and looking forward to more!

Unknown said...

I love it! I so wish I had done this for my daughter's 1st birthday. It's so cute as a banner. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays. Stop back tonight for a bloglovin blog hop.

Simply Tasheena said...

I love this idea! I have never seen this before :) very creative!

Mrs. Delightful

Lisa Fliehman said...

What a great idea! I am going to have to remember all these great ideas when my boys decide to have families so I can tell my DIL's. Thanks for lining up at SweetTalkin' Sunday!

Six Sisters said...

Such a cute idea! Absolutely darling! We loved having you join us for "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to see you again soon! -The Sisters