Friday, March 9, 2012

My Insta Week

My week illustrated with pictures from my camera phone ....

Canned food that we are looking  into giving away!!!
I made this Mommy Pampering Gift for a friend who is due in 3 weeks!
I featured this yummy recipe on my Taste This Thursday Party!
My kids melted my heart as they held each other hands this week while shopping!

I also love the carts at Target and I enjoy going to Target as a FAMILY!

3 is a charmer! 3rd time cutting my Son's hair and it was the best job thus far!
I trusted my Baby Girl with piece of hard bread for the 1st time...she is definitely teething, but not 1 tooth yet!?
This is the damage we did after going out to a Soup and Salad Buffet! I love eating there because the whole family is satisfied when we leave!!!
This is my Son at the Mall words!
My Mom ,  my Sisters, and I had a private Make-up  Party with a MaryKay Consultant! It was fun and entertaining!
I still can't believe that my JoJo is swinging at the park. They grow up way too fast!
While at the park this week my Son wanted to run around the empty baseball field rather than play on the park equipment. Is this telling of his future?
I had a spectacular Taco Salad that my Mom In-Law prepared. It was pretty too!
I am starting to run 3 miles every time I go to the gym! I love those endorphins and feel great when I get off that treadmill!

Its my Insta-life
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Holly said...

I love the mom pampering gift! Very cool idea!

Cami said...

Great photos :)
I do a Tasty Tuesday link-up - love like-minded people :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend! ox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I love the pic of the baseball diamond; what a boy!

Alexis Tanner Lane said...

What a cute family! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following yours!

Sara Neufeld said...

thanks for your sweet comment! love your mommy pampering gift idea. how sweet!

Unknown said...

what great shots! you and your family look so happy! i can tell that there is a lot of love in your home. :)