Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Gift!

Our first official appointment was on December 24th. We were very excited and happy when we seen our baby for the first time together. The baby was much bigger than when I seen it the previous week with and we seen it's strong heartbeat. My provider said that our official due date is July 22nd 2009! We are measuring to be 10weeks pregnant with a perfect baby in a perfect sac!


Anonymous said...

Ernie took a similar picture of me next to the ultrasound machine when we went to our first one. It was so exciting to see our little one for the first time. We are both happy for you and we know how excited you are as well. I need to get it together and put up a website. I asked Kris like a month ago to help me with one but I've been laggin'. I love yours!

Teri said...

Jonnique the baby bedroom is going to be sooooo cute. I will start decorating when I get there during Monday thru Friday...Its going to be fun!! Love your MOM