Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JJ at 6 months!

We can not believe it, but it is true. JJ is 1/2 a year old! He is keeping us busy and we are having so much fun seeing him grow. Here is one day in the shoes(or I should say socks) of our 6 month year old that I recorded this week:
0630- Wakes up cooing and talking in his crib. Mommy and Daddy smile at eachother and continue to sleep until he wines.
0730am- JJ has his first bottle
0800am- JJ goes for a walk with Mommy around Lake Murray
1000am- JJ has his first baby food feeding(peas,pears, rice cereal mixed together) followed by a bottle
1100am- JJ takes his first nap
0100pm- JJ wakes up to another bottle and then is placed in his swing
0200pm- JJ has tummy time and plays with his toys
0300pm- JJ is read a book by Mommy and then placed in his pack n play, where he takes his 2nd short nap
0400pm- JJ has another solid feeding
0500pm- JJ is placed in his walker and watches Mommy cook in the kitchen
0600pm- JJ is placed in his bouncer to watch Momma and Daddy eat dinner
0630pm- JJ has playing time with Daddy
0730pm- JJ is given his last bottle and falls asleep in Daddy's arm. JJ is then placed in his crib and prayed over to have a good night rest!
*JJ is not actually eating the pear in the picture above...he loves to suck the juices from apples and teeth yet to eat:)


Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Earthday, JJ!

; )
Aunt Polly

Anonymous said...

he's such a cutie and yes nique its such a blessing as well as soooo muchhhh FUN.. I like yourself, love being a mother. =)

Anonymous said...

what amazingly darling pictues!!! You really are an expert on the blog! He is definitley much more "grown-up" than last I saw him. He is in his "walker"/"bouncer" now...I have one of those here too you know. Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks. It will be hard for me to not pick you up at the airport .... I will be so anxious to see you all! Love you lots and I have praised God again for letting JJ be so healthy after his rough patch in the beginning. Mom 2 :)

Anonymous said...

That was just lovely to read. I think he is the cutest baby EVER!
~Andrea Jones

Unknown said...

Happy 1/2 birthday JJ! It has been amazing
to watch him grow!! I love the picture of Wes reading his bible book to him and to see JJ so attentive.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures, Jonnique. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. He's sure a cutie!
Love you,

mommy to six J's said...

HE is so cute, I also love being a mommy ...