Sunday, May 30, 2010

JJ's first wedding Invitation...Uncle Travis and Aunt Lindsey Special Day!

It was such a great weekend for the Bell Family. JJ's Uncle T got married to a beautiful lady(inside and out) named Lindsey. We had so much fun dressing JJ in his first little suit and putting on his shiny black shoes. JJ jumped from arm to arm and family member to family member during the whole weekend.This meant that Mommy and Daddy got a whole lot of 1 on 1 time to enjoy eachother. It was a long day for JJ but he did excellent at the rehearsal dinner and wedding, but he was quite tired and fell asleep in Grandma's arms. The Wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings that Wes and I have ever attended and was so honored to be apart. Wes stood by his brother as a proud Best Man(I must add that he gave the best toast ever) and I was honored to be able share two scriptures during the ceremony. Congratulations Trav and Linds, we love you both so so much!
Oh yeah, JJ wants to give a special thanks to his Grandma Donna for gifting him with his cute attire for the wedding.


Anonymous said...

I always love seeing and reading your Blog! This was no did a wonderful job, Nique! Love, Mom2 and Gramma D!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. You did great - all three of you.
Aunt Kit

Anonymous said...


You make such a nice looking family, little JJ should be a baby model, I love outdoor weddings.

Thanks Again for the pics. J

Love, Janet

Tricia said...

i love that dress color and style on you!! Especially the hair piece. YOu look so cute! Looks like a beautiful wedding!!