Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter Bump (26.5 weeks) almost 7 months....were wondering how Joshua will look?

It is our first Easter being pregnant! Being pregnant and already loving a baby boy has given us a better understanding of the Lords love for us. And a deeper perspective of Jesus dying on the cross for us and then rising from the dead . If we already love our son so much, we can not even imagine how wide and deep is our heavenly fathers love.

We love this little guy already and we don't even know how
he looks. Wes and I go back and fourth on what we think he will look like or whose looks he will favor.

We have even been looking back on some of our own baby pics and trying to see if we can come up with an idea of what Jesus will surprise us with. Everyone says that J.J.(Joshua James) is going to be a looker and I have to say that I agree, especially if he comes out looking like his Daddy!

* If you can't tell, the baby in the swing is me(Jonnique) and the baby sleeping is Wes!


Anonymous said...

Wow,your growing nice and looking great! I agree he will be a cutey!

Anonymous said...

Ithink that it is a precious blessing from God to have the honor of bringing a child into the world. Wes and Jonniquue your baby pictures are adorable,it makes me reminisce to Nique was a little cry baby.
Love, MommaT.

Anonymous said...

Jonnique,I am so excited for you and Wes. Your first Pregnancy is one you'll always hold dear. Wondering how Joshua will look, how much will he weigh, what his personality will be like. Even when you and Wes have that precious alone time with him.You are right, we finally begin to understand The love that God has for us.(Even though God's love can't be compared)When he blesses US with our OWN children. I know I wrote quite a bit, but I am just feeling so OVER whelmed for you and your OWN litte family. Love You so much, Mama Frances

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see how Joshua, my nephew will look too!
Love Your Sister,

cara said...

Aw! I love the baby pics it does add to the excitement of wondering who the baby "Joshua" will look like. Kate found out last Monday she is having a boy and everyone is very excited. Scott and I will have a grandson soon. Our grand daughters are beautiful and very special, but it will be wonderful having a boy too. Love reading and keeping up with you on your blog. Love and hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

First I want to wife was so cute in her swing as a little baby girl. And she is still so cute now as a grown woman.

I am so excited to see what our son is going look like. I have no idea, but I can't wait until he is born. My mother in law says that she hopes he has blue eyes, and I must say I agree with that. I hope he is brown skinned, has dark brown curly hair, with blue eyes. I think that would be a handsome little fella. But whatever he looks like, he will be handsome as that is how the Lord made him and I am going to love him so much. I am so thankful the Lord is letting me be a father to a son. Thank You God!

Big Daddy Wes

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy Whats up Bells? I finally made it to the Blog. The pictures are cute. you look good Jonnique Go Head girl!!ohh this is your sister Marquette =)

Anonymous said...

hi, jonnique iAm belssed to have you as my cousin you like so, so,wonderful i am happy because iam going to have little joshua be my new baby cousin i can't wait unitl he comes htis july