Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 months(24 weeks) pregnant and Joshua's Nursery is getting ready for him!

We unexpectedly had to move last week. To make a long story short, we were renting out a townhouse and the owner had not been paying the mortgage. The place went into foreclosure. We had no idea and was very surprised when a bank representative showed up at our door last month. The bank representative gracefully communicated that we had 28 days to leave. On the bright side, we fortunately found a new place that fits our budget.We are unpacked and settled. We had a lot of great help. Grandma Teri(my mom) came down weeks before the move and packed 70% of the place so that I would not have to bend and reach that much, that saved Wes and I a lot of time and energy. Yolanda helped me hang pictures and transfer all my clothes from the old place.Wes, LaDonna, and Donna(mother in-law)made sure I did not do too much the day of the move! Kathy Boyle came down the day after to help clean and organize.The guys(Irvine, Jeff, Ernie, Jon, Anthony, and David) helped Wes being that he has a torn ACL. Thank you so much friends and family. And we now have an extra room (besides our room and office/guest room). A room that we will make Joshua's nursery.

We have also decided on a theme for the nursery. The theme will be Sports. I chose this theme to play into Wes's fantasy of Joshua becoming a football or basketball player! I am so excited to create the nursery for our little MVP(Most Valuable Player), our Rookie of the Year, our All-Star, and our little Slugger. We will for sure be his #1 one fans! As you can see from my 6 month prego picture we have the wall paper that Grandma Donna purchased for our little player!

All I know is that he is a strong little guy already! I constantly feel him kick and move. Wes felt him for the first time last month and was just blown away by the amazing being that is growing inside of me! We will love him with whatever occupation the Lord leads him into and we are just so excited to see his face. We wonder who he will look like or will he look like both of us? With all this said I will keep you all updated on the construction of Little Joshua James Bell's Sports Nursery!

*The picture up top is an idea of what the nursery will look like ....we are so excited!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Did you get all moved in? Isn't moving fun! NOT.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your new place. Hope, you didn't work too hard and you took care of yourself. Enjoy your new home and preparing it for J.J. (love the nickname). Love Ute

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonnique, where are the pictures of Joshua's room?

Momma Frances

Jonnique said...

I guess I should of worded it different. The picture of me is in front of his a wall in his room. The nursery is under construction...I will update pictures as we progress in the decor. I just wanted to show the wall paper lining that Grandma Donna purchased for it. Other than that the room is empty right now:)

Anonymous said...

OH!!!!! OTAY..... Gotcha! Girl I don't know where I was. I went to the site and I guess MY IMAGINATION RAN AWAY WITH ME. Maybe I was expectiong to see Joshua peacefully sleeping in a crib. With the diaper changing table and all. It was Beautiful. You shoulda been there. But then I went back and looked again, and thought... Now how could I have missed that Beautiful picture!!! Mamma Frances

Diana said...

Glad your move went smooth. God certainly does work all things out for our good.

Teri said...

You look so cute and glowing. I am excited about the new place and look forward to seeing it in person in a couple of weeks.
Love and Kisses

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the nursery theme! Fits for you and Wes plus can last through time as he gets older and moves to a regular twin type bed! I loved the border around the top of the room too! Love, Mom2 :)

cara said...

Great room for the Joshua and you look amazing Jonnique. Glad to hear that you had plenty of help in the short amount of time you had to move. Blessing to you all!