Monday, January 31, 2011

Our growing Boy and our Baby Girl has a name at 25 wks of pregnancy!

I am officially 25wks pregnant. My belly has grown so much over the last couple of weeks. Not only have I grown but JJ has grown too. He is learning new things and seeming more and more like a Big Brother in training. He is currently communicating with us by grabbing our hands and walking us to what he wants. For example, he will grab our hands and take us to his high chair when he is ready to eat, he will take our hand and take us to the door when he wants to go outside and play, and he will grab our hands and take us to something he can't reach, like his ball. JJ also is enjoying putting on his Daddy's, Mommy's, and whoever else shoes he see's in sight. JJ is also loving all his books that he owns(his Grandma D has established quite a library for him). He does not read them but enjoys looking at all the pictures and at times he thinks its fun to throw them all over his room. He is using the word "Baba" whenever he wants anything to eat besides milk, it's quite cute! He is distinctly calling me Mom, Wes Dad, the Fan fan(one his favorite objects), he is also saying "oh yeah", and saying "up" when wants to be picked up.

With our first Son Wes had the pleasure and full desire to name him and I love my JJ(Joshua James Bell). With our 2nd and because it's a girl I have the pleasure of the final 1st name. Wes picked the middle name. Her name will be Joelle Tiana Bell !

[ 2 syll. joe-(l)le, jo-e-lle ] The girl name Joelle is pronounced JHowEHL †. Joelle is of Hebrew origin. It is used mainly in English, French, and German. The meaning of Joelle is Jehovah is the Lord and The Lord is Willing'. The generic name has been used in the Old Testament of the Bible. Joelle is the feminine equivalent of the English and German Joel.

Wes and I both know that it was the Lords will for us to get pregnant again. I do not take it lightly, the miracle of life. I see and know women who have the desire to get pregnant and can't, I work with women who get pregnant and can't carry the baby to a viable age, I see babies delivered too early at a state where their little lungs and bodies are not compatible with life. I will take the time again to praise the Lord and say thank you God in advance for giving us another baby, on loan from you!

The Middle name will be Tiana: Our meaning = Our mothers names put together: Teri+ Donna= Tiana. We love both of our wonderful mothers so much and don't know if the Lord will bless us with another girl. We wanted to make sure Joelle would carry both of their names. Just a little history on the name Tiana, it is also the first Black Disney Princess from Princess and the Frog (2009). And last but not least, JoJo was also my nickname that my UCSD medical center Nurses use to call me when we lived in San Diego.

Her nickname will be JoJo to flow with JJ.

We are excited to meet Joelle Tiana Bell in 3.5 months. We are looking forward to see JJ interact with his little sister Jojo!

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