Monday, February 7, 2011

Transitions in Life...5 things I truly miss about San Diego

1. My Wonderful Friends

It takes time building and keeping relationships. Over the last 10 years in San Diego I have tried my best to stay close and in touch with amazing woman. I miss seeing there wonderful faces, receiving their face to face encouragement, and enjoying their company. I am praying that God will place women of the same standards, character, and love that I had in San Diego in the Bay Area...soon.
2. My Awesome Co-Workers. I really can say that I loved my job in San Diego and the reason I loved it so much is because I love what I do and I was in love with the my fellow nurses that I worked with. 4 years is a nice amount of time to really get to know a group in and outside of work. I am currently the new girl at UCSF. Still learning the ropes and getting to know the nurses up here. They have welcomed me really well but I have such high standards after leaving UCSD medical center.

3. Our Church-The Church that we were attending before we left was just Great in so many ways. Wes and I look for 4 things in a church. 1. Good Word Preached 2. Good Worship 3. Excellent Children's church for JJ 4. Diversity. The Rock had all 4 of these and is a church that serves San Diego in so many ways. We felt very proud to be apart. We have been looking for a church with these qualities since we moved up to the bay area. We think that we might be pretty close to all 4 of our goals in a church but prayerfully waiting on complete confirmation.
4. The Weather- San Diego weather is just perfect. My definitions of perfect weather: Consistancy in its pattern, not to cold, not to hot, sunny, and just beautiful. So far the weather in the Bay Area has been very wet, very cold, and sometimes nice.
5. The City- The city of San Diego is just a melting pot of ethnicity and culture. Everything seems so conviently located in San Diego. It is not real hard to find something adventurous, fun, and entertaining to do in close driving distance. Even though I grew up in the bay area it feels as if I am I still have some figuring out about the different cities within the Bay Area.

2 Things I love about the Bay Area

1.Our Families! Wes and I have both of our families living in the Bay Area. It has been so nice to visit with them everyweek, go to the movies, catch dinner, have superbowl parties, birthday gatherings, and see JJ recieve so much love from them.

2. Making our Marriage Stronger:)Transition in life can be real rough. It is real rough and tough finding new friends, new church, starting and looking for new jobs, Wes beginning his Master's Journey, and coping with all this change at once. Through it all Wes and I have learned how to lean on God 1st and each other 2nd. We have been each-others supporters', encouragers', and it has just been beautiful to see how God has used this transition to bring us closer as BEST FRIENDs. Even when we thought marriage and our friendship was going great it just got greater.
After writing all this I will try to focus on these 2 lovely and wonderful things that the Lord has done through our transition and not focus so much on the other 5 that I miss so much. Who knows maybe in 6-12 months from now my likings of the Bay Area will out number my missed longings of San Diego!?

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Unknown said...

your UCSD girls miss you too!!! from - emily d. and mellisa d. :)