Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving on my Sweet Valentine!

2 Years ago Wes asked the question" Why do men have to plan for all the big occasions... Anniversaries and Valentines Day?". I responded by saying" I don't know, but since you do a good job loving me through the year how about you be in charge of our Anniversary every year and I will be in charge of Valentines Day?" Needless to say he did not argue.

This year was extra special for me to plan. 1. We have a very loving babysitter that is willing to watch Our lil Man any day, which is Wes' Mother. 2.It has been a busy last couple of months. To purposely take a whole day to love on one another was talked about for weeks.

Wes and I love taking advantage of celebrating our love and marriage to each other. When we got married one of our goals was to never loose the fire and excitement for each other through years, kids, and life.

I decided to start the celebrations early, one day early on Sunday the 13th. I told Wes to pack an overnight bag because we were not coming back until the next day. We then said our goodbyes to our loving Son JJ and his wonderful Grandparents.

The Day and Night that I planned for my Sweet and Wonderful Hubby:
1.We went to Church and heard a wonderful message on going deeper with God and recognizing the things that may be hindering you. Right after and before lunch we exchanged our love letter and notes to eachother by reading them out loud to eachother....this is when I explained to Wes the plans for the day!
2. We took a beautiful road trip across the Golden Gate Bridge and we stopped in Santa Rosa,Ca. This is the city where Wes grew up the first 10 years of his life. I let Wes show me the neighborhood and house he grew up in as a little boy. He enjoyed seeing this town because he had not been back since he moved, when he was 10 years old. I enjoyed hearing his stories of growing up and riding his bike down the streets that we were driving down.

3. We then went to Guy's famous Restruant in Windsor, Ca. The appetizers and bread was very good. Wes was able to have one of his favorites.....Ribs and I was able to have one of mine...French Fries! They were DELICIOUS:)
4. We then went to go see the movie The Eagle. Wes had been wanting to see this movie since he seen the previews. We both gave it a solid A. Very good and suspenseful for me.
5. After the movie we spent the night in one of Wes' parents timeshares in Windsor, Ca.
6. We woke up the next morning talking about how great our Valentines getaway was for both of us. He said I did a good job of planning. We wished each other Happy Valentines Day over pancakes at a cute Diner in town. We then got back on the road in excitement to give JJ a hug when we returned home.
7. JJ was excited to see us and we were smiling from ear to ear when we walked in the door. Oh yeah, can't leave JoElle out, it seemed like she was grew on Valentines Day!

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