Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrating 4 years of marriage at 38 weeks pregnant!

There could be a million reasons why we celebrate our wedding anniversary - but in reality there's only one: marriage is a gift from God that should be celebrated every day and every year!
When I got married is by far one of the most significant and exciting events that took place in my life. When we celebrate our wedding anniversary each year, we do so because we remember how big and how special our wedding day actually was. Each year we reflect upon and remember what a great commitment we made to each other on our wedding day. So few marriages last now days so those whose marriage continues to be strong should do all they can to celebrate their special day. We celebrate the accomplishment of making it through another year of faithful marriage to one another. Celebrating our wedding anniversary is a great way to reaffirm our love and commitment toward each other. Life gets busy, work gets stressful, and as children are adding to our family we know that time for us to be alone and keep our marriages strong is at a premium. We use our wedding anniversary as a perfect excuse each year to get away from work, home and the kid and enjoy a day of uninterrupted time together.Wes always makes the plans for our Anniversary, since I always take care of Valentines Day. Our wedding anniversary is always fun and memorable as long as we are together and as long as we are doing things we both enjoy. This is how we celebrated this year:
On our actual Anniversary day Wes surprised me with 2 dozen roses and a beautiful purple Anniversary card with some special words well stated inside:)

We started are day at 8 am the Saturday after our Anniversary because Wes was surprising me by taking me to one of the best Breakfast places in San Francisco....Mama's!

It's so good that there is always a wait and a line in front of the restaurant. Wes brought fiber bars and apples for our anticipated wait but I passed and waited a whole hour. This 38 week pregnant woman wanted to get our money and appetite worth's of food!
So we took this time to take pictures and talk about our last great year of marriage!

It was so so worth the wait. We 100% think that it is best breakfast place we have ever had in our lifetime.

Wes then took me to the California of Academy Sciences, which is also located in San Francisco. Its a really cool place. It's the only place on the planet with an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and a 4-story rain-forest all under one
This is where we also shared a nice plate of gourmet you see this pregnant lady loved a day filled with eating out.
With that said we next headed out to Walnut Creek for some yogurt and a couples foot massage!
Last but not least we ended our 12 hour day to ourselves with some good Vietnamese food at a place called La of our families favorites!

We can't end this blog without a big THANKS to Grandma D and Papa for watching JJ so that we celebrate ALL day. One more thanks to God for not letting me go into Labor with JoJo on this special day!

I also want to state and let Wes know that he did an excellent job in treating his Bride as a Queen on this he does EVERYDAY! Love ya Babe!

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