Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally got brave!

How is it having 2 kids compared to 1 kid? Is a question I get asked all the time. My response is that I did not know how easy we had it being parents to just 1. I think about this often especially when it is time to leave the house. It was already a process preparing and making sure we had everything we needed when away from home i.e diapers, wipes, sippy cup, extra pair of clothes, food, and toys. Now we have to think about two little people who are dependent on our help and assistance in this area. The other issue when leaving home is timing it around naps and feeding. This takes being very trategic because you do not want a fussy and tired baby in public. I can go on and  on why it is easy going places with one instead of two but I will stop right here. And say that I finally got the courage to do it last Tuesday. Grandma and Dad was not available to watch Jojo at JJ's story time  which is located at the community library. JJ really enjoys going, so I grabbed both kids, our nice size diaper bag, and big prayer shout out to God and went to the library. When we got there my friend Karli and her son was there to greet us 3. Story time started, JJ was on my lap and Jojo was peacefully in her carrier. 5 minutes went by and we were still doing good in our same positions. 10 minutes roll by and Jojo is screaming. I put JJ down so that I could pick up Jojo. JJ starts whining as Jojo enters my arms. My friend Karli tries to pick up JJ while she is holding her own son. JJ will not go to Karli so I place JJ on my lap and Jojo on my shoulder. I so wish I had a picture of this because it worked and we were all comfortable. After about 5 minutes JJ got dependent and wanted to enjoy story time standing up, as you can see from the pictures below. He no longer needed Mommy to enjoy himself. We all had a good time and it was a successful 1st trip out with the kiddo's by myself!

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Anonymous said...

Jonnique and Wes, We are so proud of the two of you,for how you take such pride, such care and so much Thankfulness for the beautiful family that God has Blessed you with, SO PROUD...
Jonnique your words seem to capture each moment.(Along with the pictures) It's so cute; the pictures of Wes holding Joelle,he seems so gentle and protective. I do believe she's going to be a "Daddy's Girl". JJ seemed to have had enough of the picture taking, on the last few pictures. Jonnique you are so Beautiful. "MOTHERHOOD" you wear it so well... Thanks for sharing these moments with us. We can't wait to meet Joelle.