Monday, July 4, 2011

A Baby going to a Wedding

JJ's first wedding was last year and it was Wes' Brother who got married. Jojo's first wedding was last night and it was our dear friend Jon who tied the knot. Jon has been like a brother to both Wes and I. We are so grateful for him. We lived in San Diego with him. He was always there when we needed him. Jon was in our wedding 4 years ago and also helped out so much behind the scenes. He was also there when Wes had his knee surgery and I was 7 months pregnant. He would drive over to help me bring groceries up our apartment stairs. Lastly, I will never forget how he picked both of our parents up from the Airport(at different times) when I was about to deliver JJ, unexpectedly. These examples are just a few ways in which Jon has touched our hearts. Jon's character is one that should be imitated by others. With all this being said this was a wedding and a union that Wes and I prayed for, even before we met April. We are so excited for Jon and April. Their Big day was so nice, fun, sweet, and Hot! Jojo slept through the majority of the festivities....

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