Sunday, June 17, 2012

My 2 Super Heroes

It was not until I went to Junior High that I realized that my Daddy was not a real Super Hero. That just how amazing this little Girl thought her Daddy was in life. I thought that there was nothing to hard for him to fix or do in life.

(That's me in the lower right, at the age of 2 with my older Sis and my 1st Super Hero)
On this day I realize that he is still a super hero. He is totally a super Man & Dad. My Daddy played a strong role in the choice of my husband. I saw similarities in my husband before we were married. Their two hearts to love & serve people,  family, and God resembles each other. At times I still tell my husband that he reminds me of my Daddy.
On this day I want to say thank you Daddy! You set the super bar high. You helped me choose a Hero  for my kids!

Happy Fathers Day to my 2 Super Heroes!

I sent my Super Daddy's gift through the mail to Texas!
This is what I will be presenting to my Super Baby Daddy(when he wakes up,letting him sleep in this morning):

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the domestic fringe said...

What a sweet post! Happy Father's day to the super heroes in your life.