Thursday, June 7, 2012

Traveling with Toddlers

Before having kids I never realized the fear that came with traveling with kids. I totally took for granted the easiness of traveling solo or just with my husband.

As stated in previous blog posts we traveled to Texas last month. We have taken road trips as a family of four but this was our first time flying as a family.

We prepared traveling bags with snacks, milk, juice, plenty of wipes &diapers, emergency clothes, toys and of course the IPad. We prepared our hearts and prayed to God about the adventurous traveling experience we were about to endure.

I do believe that God hears and answers prayers.

Despite, it was not the perfect traveling experience. We usually privately grade our kids on their behavior. We both agreed that JJ got an A- and that JoJo got a C for traveling.

Yes, we were the parents with the one year old screaming on the back of the plane. We got plenty of stares. We in return just smiled back. We both realized that we could only do what we could do. Believe me, we tried all of our tricks.

We loved on our child and understood that she was a restless baby whose ears probably were in discomfort. Or maybe she was being fussy for no reason? Who will ever really know.

I do know that we will probably never see any of those passengers again and that our traveling adventure was worth all the memories that were created in Texas....

Tips for Parents Traveling with Toddlers:

* Pay for a straight through flight if you can

* Always carry spare clothes, accidents seem to always happen

* Pack plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer

* Dress the kids in clothes that are easy to take off for diaper changing

*A bottle and sippy cup cooler is worth every penny

*If you have the option of an umbrella stroller go with it

*Packing a sack lunch for kids would be helpful, airport food tends to not always be kid friendly

*Realize that somethings are just out of your control, go with the flow with a smile

*Have fun with your family because it will just be a memory one day

* If your child is kicking a fellow passengers chair please intervene( this one was via my BF)

Tips for passengers :

* Its just a couple of hours of your life, sharing a plane with toddlers

* If parents had a switch to turn off the kids whinnying, crying, yelling, and whatever else annoys you (and them)they would use it

* Remember that once you had kids too or maybe in the future you will

* Continual looks at the parent or child when they are "bothering" you does not at all help the situation unless they are physically bothering you(i.e. kicking your chair)

*You changing your seat to assist a family is such a great gift

* A smile goes a long way


Unknown said...

Traveling with kiddos is always tough!

Great tips, for BOTH parents and passengers!

Hopefully the passengers will take note!

xoxo -Shar

Jennifer said...

Our first flight with toddlers was last year. The 3-yr-old was awesome and the 1-yr-old was VERY squirmy and not fun, but we survived!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Veralynn said...

I'm taking notes- we're going to be traveling with our son across the country for Thanksgiving and he'll be eleven months old then! Oy. Thanks for the tips!


Simply Tasheena said...

Great tips!

Mrs. Delightful