Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 tips for Parents to have a great Date Night!

1. We left BOTH kids behind...
with Grandma D and Papa. Sometimes it is hard as parents to leave the kids behind. I have decided it’s not a date with someone else tagging along. Even if the baby is still small, it’s really nice to be able to leave her home.
2. We did not  discuss the kids the entire time.
The issues and even great stories about the kids will still be there when we go home. We took time to enjoy each others company, not discuss why JJ can't understand why he should not kick the ball in the house. We talked about our dreams and goals. We also took time to even reminisce about our first date and other experiences in our past that put a smile on both of our faces.
3. We both put forth a lil effort in our appearance.

Yes and I had on a hat and my husband a sweatsuit but our attire was put together with a little effort. I love my husband in a nice sweatsuit especially when he is freshly shaved and groomed. My husband loves when my hair is pulled back and me in jeans. We both complimented each other.
4. We picked a great place.

Wes chose a great Thai House Resturant that was family owned, very small, and intimate. I not only loved the food I loved everything, from the decor to the customer service.
5. We took in the moment
We both kept on saying ..." it feels good to be out with just you", "can you remember the last time we went to a resturant and just fed ourselves", "this reminds me of when we were dating or married without kids", and "this is nice".
Looking forward to the next one!


Simply Tasheena said...

Wonderful tips! Your meal looks delicious and you guys look so happy.

~Mrs. Delightful

Domestic and Geeky said...

My hubby and I need to have a date night!!! Thanks for the tips. God Bless