Thursday, November 10, 2011

JJ gets his 1st hair cut!

 A debate that Wes and I have been having is the status of JJ's hair. Wes felt  it was time to cut it and I wanted to hold on as long as possible. After seeing this picture and others taken over the last couple of weeks I finally gave into my husband's theory. I came to the conclusion that my theory of keeping ALL of JJ's precious curls forever was not realistic.
I made a compromise and told Wes if we were going to cut it I wanted to do it. He was a little hesitant, being that I do not have any experience in the hair cutting business. At the end of the day I became Mommy the Barber and cut 3 hand fulls of hair off of my sweet baby boy's head.
 This is the first picture that JJ took of his new hair cut.We went out to the garage where Wes' office(his desk next to the wash machine and dryer) is located to show off the handsome Lil Boy and Mom's 1st haircut! Wes was impressed!

I know  now why I wanted to wait. He now looks like a bigger boy and I wanted to hold on as long as I could to my baby boy.


Simply Tasheena said...

He looks adorable!

~Mrs. Delightful

Queenie said...

Yes, he does look older. I do love the cut though. Give him a big hug from me!

Domestic and Geeky said...

He is so cute!!! I just found your blog and I must say, I'm so glad that I did. God has blessed you with a beautiful family :)