Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Predictions & Surprises

We have been preparing for the Christmas Celebration for the last month!
I was just so excited about all that would unfold. I had my predictions that came true & surprises that will forever be remembered!

I predicted that my siblings, Mom, and I would get a good family picture. My lil Bro& his fiancé were in town and we all attended Christmas Eve Service.

I was surprised that my son a.k.a The Boy messed up the entire family shot. Oh well...we know how his face looks!

I predicted that my Christmas tree pancakes would taste good! I was surprised that the presentation did not look the same. LOL!!!

I predicted that all my In-laws would be over bright and early Christmas morning. I thought it would be so great to share our first Christmas in our new home with them. I was surprised that Aunt Kit would not be able to make it, due to sickness. Technology let her somewhat be there, via the IPad!

I predicted that it would be so cute watching the kids open ALL their gifts. I was surprised that we had to have a couple timeouts because the kids were inpatient at moments. They did not really care to watch Uncle Den open his Shirts, that were placed in a vacuum box! We surprised him!

I was surprised to get a shot of the boy nurturing the Girl's new baby doll.

I predicted that the girl would love the baby dolls and stroller her Aunt Kit & GodMom got for her!

I also predicted that my In-laws would get me something purple, my favorite color!

I was surprised that Mr. Wonderful and I got a sweet gift card intended for an awesome Date Night!

I predicted that their would be a gag gift given between Mr. Wonderful and his Cousin.

I was surprised when the Girl tried to fit into the stroller.

I was even more surprised to see the Boy show interest in the stroller. I was not surprised that the Girl had a fit when he did.

I predicted that the Girl would love her new table & chair set and that the Boy would have to warm up to it.

I predicted that the Brother-In-law & Sister-In-law would give awesome and memorable gifts.

I predicted that the Father-In-Law would sit and observe the majority of time

I was surprised that my Best a.k.a Godmomma would join the family Christmas morning ,but enjoyed her so much!

I predicted that everyone would be excited for one of JJ's gifts from Grandma D!

A new


I predicted that Aunt Kit's big gift would surprise both the Boy & Girl.

I was surprised that I only got a 2hour break before my family arrived for our Dinner Christmas Party.

I predicted that everyone would look nice, including their smiles.

I was surprised that my Mom had to give me a super model pose for her picture shot.

I predicted that it would take the Girl a minute to warm up after her nap.

I was surprised that Mr. Wonderful acted surprised when he opened his gift from my Mom. She gets all the guys pajama pants every year.

I predicted it would be plenty of jokes and laughs.

I was surprised that my Brother really thought we got him waffles for Christmas. We wrapped all are gifts in recyclable Costco boxes!

I predicted that my nieces would love the gifts that we got them.

I predicted that my Sister would love the shoes we got her!

I was surprised that my family got the kids nothing but clothes.

I predicted some clothes but was so happy when there was no toys. The kids got enough from the In- laws, in the morning.

I predicted my Sis would get Mr. Wonderful a sweatshirt.

I was surprised at the cute slippers my Momma got me & love them!

There will always be good predictions and surprises on Christmas! One thing that will always remain the same is Jesus. He is the reason for the season. I felt him on Christmas and I was so grateful to be able celebrate his birth. The trees, presents, food, parties, and Christmas songs are all fun, but he is amazing. In the midst of all the business I kept on reminding myself what really mattered, and that is acknowledging him. Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.

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