Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our 1st Christmas Tree

Mr. Wonderful and I have never purchased a Christmas tree in our 5 years of marriage. This was due to always going home for the holidays when we lived in southern California and because we lived with the in-laws when we initially moved home to northern California.

With all that said it was a very special day yesterday . We went to go pick up our 1st Christmas Tree, to be placed in our 1st House.

My Husband  is a busy and hard working man. He did not want the hassle of purchasing a real one and disposing of it later. I chose to pick my battle on the Christmas tree choice( real or fake). I came to realization what really mattered was that we were getting one. I was determined to make it a special experience for us & the kids as we celebrate the reason for the season!

We woke up yesterday morning and I told the kids that we were going to pick out our tree. They were so thrilled. The Boy kept on asking if we really were going to pick out a Christmas tree until he actually seen it!

The Tree Story:
We packed up in our SUV and I brought along my camera to capture this very memorable experience. Mr. Wonderful and I picked out our perfect tree from a picture on the outside of a box, the kids eyes lit up, and Mr. Wonderful used his strong muscles to place it in our Walmart basket!

The day before I purchased all our bulbs from the 99cents Store. We just needed was ribbon and a Star to complete our tree shopping list.

Mr. Wonderful picked a great star and explained to the kids that we were going to place it on top of the tree. The Boy volunteered to be the special one to place the Star.

We decided to put the tree up in the Den Room instead of the Family Room. This way we can see it from the outside window, it will be next to the fireplace, and we can enjoy it as we eat in the kitchen!

When we arrived home and the kids could not keep their eyes off Daddy and the tree box. They kept on saying ,"Daddy making a Christmas Tree!".

We even had to let Daddy have some room because the kids were smothering him, as he tried to put the tree together.

Lunch time approached and Mr. Wonderful was still doing a good job of putting up the mighty fake tree!

The kids sat down in the kitchen to eat their baked pizza, apple sauce, and juice!

It was such sweet moments as we listened to a Christmas station on Pandora and waited in suspense.

It was then showtime and it was also time for the Girl to go down for her nap. We decided to light up the tree before the Girl went down.

This was the kids faces for the " Bells 1st Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony"!

This was my face because it was time for Momma to take over and decorate!

I did not know that I was going to have a Helper, but he was so sweet!

The Boy knew that once the tree was up he would be able to Star it! At times he got a little impatient but he pushed through.

The special moment came and our first born attempted to Star our 1st tree.

Daddy straightened it out for the Boy...

and our tree was complete! I will never forget this day and the smile on my heart, even if the tree is fake. What we experienced as a family was so real!

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Just Jenn said...

What a special "first".... And love the way you layered the colored balls by color. So sweet to see those smiles!!!!