Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Birthday party for a Batman

My baby brother turned 24 last week! I still remember my Mom bringing him home from the hospital. Time has really gone by so fast!

My brothers sweet and lovely Girlfriend asked if she could throw a surprise Barbecue in our backyard a few weeks ago.

Mr. Wonderful and I were excited to be able to hold a last gathering in our backyard before it got too cold outside.

My Brother has had a love for Batman since he was a little guy!

His Girlfriend wanted the theme of the que to be Batman!

I helped her with decor a little and it looked great!

Since all the family cars were in the front of our house we surprised the birthday boy as he drove up!

He was very surprised and we were hungry from waiting for him to arrive!

The food was oh so good!

One of my favorite parts of family gatherings is prayer time. I always enjoy looking around and being mindful of the people God had blessed us with!

One of our family's favorite part of birthday parties is singing Happy Birthday!

We always sing the normal version of the Happy Birthday song and then we break into the Stevie Wonder version!!

My Baby Bro gave a sweet & grateful speech at the end of the party. I was so happy that he felt so blessed by his family & friends on his 24th Birthday!!!

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