Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Surprise Pumpkin Carving

Mr. Wonderful had gone to pick the Boy up for school and the Girl was napping. The two had no idea what we had planned for them when one arrived home and the other woke up from napping!

We had told the kids we would carve pumpkins but never gave them a date and time.

We have learned once you do that they will ask and ask if its time until it is time!

It was so sweet when I told them  we had a surpise for them and opened the door to the backyard.

They ran for their pumpkin muffins, the family's favorite this time of year!

The pumpkin carving began. My husband was carving because I am still having hand and arm pain.

We had to stop for a minute because the Boy did not understand why Daddy was hurting the pumpkin with the knife. We explained to him that the pumpkin was not a person but thing put on earth for us to enjoy by eating and cutting!

The Girl treated the pumpkin like she treats everything else. She talked to the pumpkin,

she kissed the pumpkin, and called it cute over and over!

Then it was time for showtime a.k.a lights time.

We lit them up one by one and "ooh" & "awe" was repeated by the Boy and Girl!

Mr Wonderful and I was all smiles because our surpise turned out so well and we enjoyed it too!!!

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