Thursday, October 3, 2013

Before & After Backyard

Next month will be a year that we have been in the house that we have come love! One of the major reasons we love it is because of our backyard. When praying for a house a request I had to God was a backyard that I would enjoy looking at from our windows. We have also enjoyed hosting many barbecues,dinners on the deck, birthday parties, play dates, and plenty of space for kids to run around safely!

The backyard is the only place we have invested money into fixing up thus far. I have many plans for the house but will be content until the time & money is right. Investing in the backyard has been one of our best investments.

When we moved in there was only a small patch of grass,dirt everywhere, and one too many trees.

We(meaning we paid landscapers $) added a whole lot of grass, cut down one tree (to let more light come to the deck), added rocks, some plants, mulch, and a bench to sit under our still existing big tree.

We also invested in some patio furniture from Big Lots and an area rug from Costco.

My mom gifted us with thus outdoor table she was not using in her backyard.

When we got the tree cut I asked the tree cutting guys to save me two logs for side tables on the deck. I wish I would have asked for more!

Now that everything is completed (until more ideas get put into place next spring) we time to time put these kids outside. They enjoy a Cousin Tea Party & love the backyard too! 
 Fall is here  and I am enjoying seeing the leaves everywhere!

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Erica D said...

I love that covered area! It looks like a nice place to sit and relax and a good place for your kids to play. The weather looks amazing as well. We have a HUGE backyard with gazebos and all that so we actually have landscapers and gardeners, I do not have the skills or patience to do all that by myself. Great job!