Monday, August 13, 2012

Back from Vaca & Kids 1st Dentist Appointment

Just got back from my 7 night 30th Birthday Cruise yesterday morning! It was our best vacation EVER, hands down.
Parenting started back up as soon as we reunited with Boy & Girl!
I  will share more of our vacation photos as soon as I get the hundreds of pictures organized. The above pictures are 2 of our favorites from our Extreme Canopy Tour in Puerta Vallarta! Below is a piece of our everyday reality.... the kids 1st dentist appointment!

I knew it was time to make a dentist appointment for the kids after taking Girl to her 1 year doctor checkup a couple weeks ago. The pediatrician reminded me that the dentists like to see kids when they turn one. I felt ashamed because boy is officially 3 and has not had one dentist appointment yet. I was pushing it off because I had heard a couple horror stories of kids not liking their 1st dentist appointment. After leaving Girl's Check-up I took his dentist referral and made the appointment....not just for one kid but for both of them. I know, for someone so scared what was I thinking? I wanted to get them both out of the way. I started to feel a little overwhelmed as the appointment date was approaching. Then I felt a little better when I realized that Mr. Wonderful's schedule would allow him to join us. I even started to get excited when the cute welcoming letter and pamphlets came in the mail.

I was also surprised when I was able to relax when we arrived to the appointment.

We entered into a great Waiting Room .....

for the kiddos and us!

The staff were all welcoming and the dental assistants took charge. 

They told us to just sit back and relax!

The kids got to pick a new tooth brush and they were so thrilled.

I then accepted that this just might be an awesome 1st visit as I took in the precious moments.

Boy & Girl stood on a stool each and got to show off their cleaning skills. The Dental Assistants then showed the kids & us some great tricks.

We were educated on the proper ways to brush & floss the kids teeth. The types of foods to stay away from & some dental facts.

It was very informative & fun.

The kids then got to pick a sticker for their great cleaning skills.

It was a divine appointment, they had the Boy & Girl's favorite characters.

Next we headed toward the Dentist chair. Before we got into the chair the kids got to see their very own balloon get blown up.

And finally the moments that I had been dreading..the chair.

The Dentist was nurturing, they had already formed a relationship with the Dental Assistant, and of course Mommy & Daddy were their to hold their little hands & legs!

It went just fine and there was not one tear!!!!

Then the kids said goodbye to all the staff and got a toy each & a ticket for the No Cavity Club.

They have a chance to win a Target gift card if their name is picked this month. Can you say awesome!?

The kids left with stickers, balloons, a toy, and clean teeth. I left with a smile on my face and my heart. What a simple but great memory made for our family!


Unknown said...

first of all, great vacation pics! But, I'm really stoked to hear about your dentist visit! Wow!! That was the best experience a kid could have, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I was more worried about you Nique rather than the kids. I know they are dental superman and supergirl. Glad everything went well and they had no cavities.


ApplePie said...

I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following would mean alot to me! (I have a blog hop atm)

Williams Schermer said...

Awesome! The dentist's office looked very cozy and child-friendly. It's no wonder your kids had a fun time. No cavities and all? Wow, you must be a proud momma. :D