Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part III of Cruise: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo holds such a special place in our hearts! Cabo is where we spent our Honeymoon, 5 years ago. Cabo is also where we went for our Babymoon, 3 years ago!

We were so thrilled when the cruise that was available (around my 30th birthday)was making a stop in beautiful Cabo.

I seen these clocks when we got off the ship and went to land. I thought it was such a sweet coincidence. San Diego (SDSU to be exact) is where Mr. Wonderful and I met, walking to class 11 years ago. Right next to the San Diego clock was Cabo, another place where lifetime memories were made!

Cabo rocks are one of my favorites and is one of the main attractions.

On our honeymoon we tasted a couple burgers at different Restaurants. We never forgot how wonderful they tasted. As soon as we got off the ship we made our way to a Cabo burger. DELICIOUS!!!

The next stop was a Couples Massage at the timeshare that we enjoyed on our honeymoon! We both thought it was the best massage EVER!

Funny Story: When we walked in the Spa we asked how much a couple massage would be? The price was too expensive for us, so my husband told the receptionist no thank you. Just when we were about to hit the door. The receptionist hollered " I forgot to tell you that we were having a 40% discount today!". In Mexico you can bargain even when you are not trying. After the massages we took a cab back to the Marina.

On the 2nd day in Cabo we were so excited to possibly get some FaceTime with kids. #Fail

We settled to reading email from our family with details about how well the kids were doing. Our family was so kind to even send pictures of the kids everyday!

We were overwhelmed with gratefulness! We purchased souvenirs for all of our family members, who were kindly taking care of our most prized possessions.

This is where we intentional bargained with the sellers!

We then shared a cold beer and listened to this great father and daughter duo perform, for their living. We definitely tipped them after the little girl came closer to our table to show us her working skills.

Then back to the ship for pool time, dinner, and to enjoy this view!


Baylee said...

I just found you from the blog hop! That looks so freaking fun. I'm jealous. Score on the couples massage!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could have gone with you! This post is PERFECT for my link-up today, come share!
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