Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I loved about my Cruise

I am still so glad we went on a cruise for my 30th birthday( that is next week)! I loved it so much!!!

1. The service on the cruise was excellent! 
The ship had 1200 crew workers. Mr.Wonderful and I were 2 of 3600 guest on the cruise. I feared everything would feel crowded with so many people but that was not the case!

These two guys were our favorite waiter and housekeeper.My husband and I both love learning about people and their life's. We conversed with these two all the time in passing & at dinner. We learned that crew members work for 6 months straight & only have 2 months off.
2. The Entertainment & Activities

We attended 3 Shows on 3 different nights after dinner. The songs and dancing was really good!

We attended 2 comedy shows. We were really laughing!

We also attended a real life marriage show with random married couples that were picked to come up on stage.

We could always find live music. Everybody had talent!

What would a cruise be without a Pirate!?

3. I loved cruisin' around the ship

This is what I had for breakfast everyday while cruisin'. Egg white omelet, fruit, oatmeal, coffee and a yummy pastry

I got my tan on as we laid in the sun eating frozen yogurt and drinking mai-tai's!

My husband got a couple shades darker too!

We cruised around in hats, that were so fitting for the occasion!

One of our favorite places was in the hot tub and it came with an amazing view of the ocean!

We were also able to see Gabby do her thing throughout the ship!

Every view on the ship was worthy of a picture!

I loved cruising with this guy that decided to go down the big water slide. It was too funny!
4. We also enjoyed our room

It was much bigger than I expected it would be.

The creative towels that greeted us each-day put a smile on our face!

On the last two days we came back from breakfast and took a long nap, yes after sleeping in and only going to breakfast! After our nap we then watched the Olympics & movies. Just a couple of things that would of been hard to do at home with the kids in the middle of the day. One of the best BLT sandwiches I had was from room service ,available 24hours a day at no extra charge!

Things that were not so fun

I got motion sickness 3 times when I wanted to fall asleep at night. My husband was the best nurse. He found me these pills along with some good room service food. I felt better real soon after these babies.

Our room was on the 1st level of the 12 level ship. My husband and I decided to challenge ourselves.

We decided to always take the stairs, for exercise. We knew we had a lot of calories to burn from all the delicious food & drinks we were constantly consuming.

We only took the elevator 5 times(when we had coffee in our hand & bringing our luggage up).

We also ran on the most beautiful track overlooking the blue ocean & went to the gym a couple times.
Even though it did not feel good all the time I am so glad we had workouts! I would of came back 10 or more pounds heavier, I am pretty sure!


Buttermess Acres said...

this looked amazing! gives me more to look forward to before i get to go on mine, ty for sharing this lovely adventure, glad u had an awesome time! happy birthday!(:
-Carrie Eve @

Veronica and Daniel said...

ohhh! This post make me want to go on a cruise so bad! We love cruises - and we totally take the stair whenever we can too :) Sorry you got sea sick :( That is no fun.

Lena said...

How fun!! Looks like you had a great time!

Simply Tasheena said...

I want to go on a cruise so badly... the Mr. not so much :).

Mrs. Delightful

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun, and you had great reasons to dress up every day! I especially love the sequined dress!