Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part 4 of Cruise: Canopy Excursion

1st: We took a 25 minute motorboat ride to a tropical part of Puerto Vallarta. I promise that it was one of the most beautiful rides that I have ever experienced. I wished I had my camera so bad but I did not want it to get wet so I left it on the ship.
2nd: We took a 30 minute ride through the streets of this small city. We were on a open truck with 7 other people that had signed up for the excursion. It was so neat riding through this little city and seeing how the locals lived. At the same time it was very sad to see how poor they live their every day life. Another time I wish I had my camera.
3rd: We arrived to the canopy exertion destination. We received a quick safety lesson and geared up. To my surprise we were going to be riding Mules up the hill for 30 minutes. I thought to myself I can't do this....but I did and it was fun! One thing I loved about this excursion was that they had a professional photographer following us from the beginning of tour until the end. We did not purchase one picture on the cruise but we got all the pictures from the excursion and at a great price! Here they go! I am glad I did not have my camera because I could not have captured these exciting, fun, and memorable moments!

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