Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Boy & The Train

Boy got his 1st train track at his birthday party!I helped him set it up last week and it was one of the sweetest moments ever.
I got so much joy out of seeing the excitement in Boy's eyes.
He just stared at the train for a while. Then he finally let it roll on the train track.
Shortly after setting it up Girl awoke from her nap. She was very intrigued with the new thing in the living room.
Boy knew that he had the full attention oft his little Sis. Boy attempted to show her how it worked.
Only having  less than an hour of experience behind his belt he needed a little help.
Super Daddy gave him Train Lessons 101.
Boy then wanted to choo choo by himself and show Super Daddy that he was a Big boy.
Mission accomplished.
 I watch my Son daily and I cherish all that he is becoming. I also have come to realize that God created him Wild at Heart.
This was a prime example.
Boy couldn't just watch the train go in a circle but he had to add his own excitement.

The simple things we experience in life can be so great!


livewithstyle-ewa said...

So cute- pretty kids!
would you like to follow each other?
xoxo Ewa

rebecca said...

Ohhh, love these sweet photos so much Jonique and I'm so excited to see you linking up with the simple things this week. Welcome! :)

Jamie said...

This is adorable!

Unknown said...

He is so cute. I love the happiness you have captured in these pictures. Treasure these moments because they fly by in the blink of an eye! So nice to meet you today. You have a very beautiful family. Love, Becky

LeiShell said...

How fun! I just got a train set for my son too! It is similar, but the logging one...and he loves it!